This handbuild portrait of a woman in the woods, surrounded by flora, was created using white clay and Amaco glazes. The dogwood flowers in the trees above her, and the climbing vines at the base of the piece were glazed, as was her hair, skin, and robe. These bright colors and high gloss shine provides a visual contrast to the background which was left unglazed to reveal the rough, matte texture of the fired clay. The piece measures approximately 10" x 16", and hangs from a waxed cord hanging through holes at the top of the clay body.


  • The piece can be cleaned by wiping it very gently with a damp cloth, or using a soft dry brush to wipe away dust. Do not immerse the piece in water, use chemicals or cleaning products on it, or handle it roughly. Although kiln-fired clay is durable, this piece is delicate and can easily be broken.

    This is a one-of-a-kind piece. No other versions of this piece have been created. It is signed on the back with the artist's name in ink.