This piece, entitled 'Pebble Posey' was made using beach pebbles I collected with my children on the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. We make many trips to different beaches around Michigan during the summer and fall months (and sometimes, if we're feeling dedicated and there isn't much snow - in the winter too!) to collect rocks.


We gather them up in a bucket, lug them home, lovingly wash and sort them, and then sit around pawing through them to figure out what exactly they want to be - a flower, a rabbit, a person, or a whale. The options are endless. And it's tons of fun.

Pebble Posey

  • This piece can be dusted with a dry cloth, a dry soft-bristled brush, or compressed air. You should not use any water or cleaning solvents on this piece, as they can damage the rocks and leave marks on the mat board.

    All pieces arrive ready to hang on a wall, but can just as easily be displayed on a 'plate stand' or on a ledge or shelf leaned up against a wall.