This delicate rendition of a 'monstera deliciosa' (which my mum used to call the "delicious monster plant" when I was a kid but is more widely known as the swiss cheese plant) captures the unique and beautiful shape of its leaves on a small scale. In reality, this plant grows to be huge, with leaves that regularly get as long as 3.3 feet when grown outdoors in it's native environment - the tropical forests of South and Central America.


This piece was created using white clay, and glazed with Amaco underglazes and clear overglaze. It has been matted and mounted into a grey wood frame. The frame measures 11" x 14", and is ready to hang on the wall, or prop up on a shelf or mantle, depending on your decor style.

Monstera Deliciosa

  • The piece can be cleaned by wiping it very gently with a damp cloth, or using a soft dry brush to wipe away dust. Do not immerse the piece in water, use chemicals or cleaning products on it, or handle it roughly. Although kiln-fired clay is durable, this piece is very delicate and can easily be broken.

    This is a one-of-a-kind piece. No other versions of this piece have been created. It is signed on the back with the artist's name in ink.