Your Michigan Rocks map would be made to order using rocks from the Great Lakes (definitely Lake Michigan, Superior, and Huron, and possibly Lake Eerie.) I make sure that every Michigan rock map I made includes the following Michigan stones and fossils:



Lake Superior Agate

Lightening Stone (Septarian Stone)



Chain Coral

Honeycomb Coral

Horn Coral







Metamorphic Rock 

(Beach glass and Leland blue 'stone' are available upon request when I have them on hand. Please message me to find out if I have them available, and to let me know if you want them included in your map.)


All my Michigan maps are framed in "driftwood" colored frames, which means wooden frames whose color mimics the washed grays and pale brown/greys of driftwood. If you want your map framed in another color (like black, silver, or dark brown) please let me know. I would be happy to frame your custom map in the color that best works for your decor.


All Michigan maps are made on white mat board and matted in white. However, if you prefer your map to be created on black mat board and matted with black, please let me know at the time of your purchase and I would be happy to comply.

Michigan Rocks! (Beach rock map - made to order)

  • This map can be dusted with a dry cloth, a dry soft-bristled brush, or compressed air. You should not use any water or cleaning solvents on this piece, as they can damage the rocks and leave marks on the mat board.

    All maps arrive ready to hang on a wall, but can just as easily be displayed on a 'plate stand' or on a ledge or shelf leaned up against a wall.