This beach pebble piece was created using pebbles I collected on the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior while camping with my children. The smooth round and oval stones lend themselves perfectly to the smooth segmented shapes of dragonflies bodies, and the long, teardrop shaped pebbles make perfect wings.


The display board and mat are both white, and the frame is wood in a beautiful shade of weathered grey - it looks just like the driftwood you find alongside these lovely pebbles on the beach. The rocks vary in texture, size and shade, and are examples of basalt, shale, sandstone and limestone cobblers, and granite. They haven't been sealed, buffed or polished in any way - they're exactly as they were when I found them on the beach.


The framed image is 11" x 14" in size, and signed in the lower right hand corner. 


If you happen to like my pebble pictures, but haven't found one that captured what you hoped to say, please contact me. I am happy to take orders for custom pieces, and would love to create something unique for you and your loved ones.

Dragonflies rock!

  • This piece can be dusted with a dry cloth, a dry soft-bristled brush, or compressed air. You should not use any water or cleaning solvents on this piece, as they can damage the rocks and leave marks on the mat board.

    All pieces arrive ready to hang on a wall, but can just as easily be displayed on a 'plate stand' or on a ledge or shelf leaned up against a wall.