This cluster of Calla Lillies (which we called Arum Lillies where I grew up in South Africa), was a nod to some of my favorite flowers. I carried Calla Lillies down the aisle at my wedding, and have fond memories of seeing these beautiful flowers blossoming in roadside ditches during the rainy season in my childhood. Although the leaves are not dark like this in nature, this color choice was something of an inside joke - Calla Lilly leaves turn black when exposed to extreme cold, and as someone who moved from Southern Africa to Michigan, it seemed an appropriate choice. Plus, I really liked the visual contrast to the white of the flowers.


This piece was created using white clay, and glazed with Amaco glazes. Only the flowers and leaves were glazed, leaving the background unglazed to provide a textural counterpoint. It has been matted and mounted into a dark wood frame. The frame measures 11" x 14", and is ready to hang on the wall, or prop up on a shelf or mantle, depending on your decor style.

Calla Lillies

  • Your piece can be cleaned by wiping it very gently with a damp cloth, or using a soft dry brush to wipe away dust. Do not immerse the piece in water, use chemicals or cleaning products on it, or handle it roughly. Although kiln-fired clay is durable, this piece is very delicate and can easily be broken.

    This is a one-of-a-kind piece. No other versions of this piece have been created. It is signed on the back with the artist's name in ink.