This painting was an attempt to marry together two very distinctly different aspects of historical Japanese culture. The hairstyle is that of the Geisha - women who were schooled in the fine arts of music, conversation and dance (to name but a few). Their training took years and was steeped in ceremony and tradition. Juxtaposing this is the full back piece tattoo which, historically, was only done by men and is indelibly linked with the Samurai, courtesy of the popularity of the wood block print (Ukiyo-e) which often depicted warrior portraits (musha-e) which were in turn used as image sources for tattoos. 


The painting is named "Bushido", which translates from Japanese as "The way of the Warrior" and refers to the Samurai code of ethics. The layout of this tattoo (it's position on the body and the areas it covers) is referred to as kame-no-koh, meaning "turtle back".

As a further ode to cultural tradition, I included in the tattoo some of the most common artistic pieces in the world of the Japanese tattoo - the "wind and clouds" and the dragon. Please know that I am not an expert IN ANY WAY on Japanese art, history and culture. However, I tried to research as much as possible before attempting to represent any aspect of this culture, so as to present it in an honourable light and cause no offense to anyone.


This painting was done in acrylic paint and ink on a 4' x 2' canvas. The woman and her backdrop were painted first, and then the tattoo was added in a combination of ink and acrylic paint. 

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