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I took a pottery class in high school and discovered that if there was one thing I was utterly, hopelessly terrible at, it was throwing pots on the wheel. Sadly, that hasn't changed for me. I'm still the world's worst potter. But as I discovered recently, you don't have to be any good at wheel-throwing to make fun things with clay.

I pay for space at a local art studio here in Lansing, which gives me access to clay, a kiln, and a decent variety of glazes. There I spend hours trying to capture the delicate and intricate beauty of fungi, flowers, birds, and insects. Oh, and the occasional face.

All of my ceramic pieces can be hung as is, or mounted into frames, (once they're framed though, they can't be removed from the frame without being broken.) I happily take commissions, as long as the subject is within my wheelhouse. So if there's a particular piece of flora or fauna you want immortalized in clay, let me know and I'd love to create something unique and one-of-a-kind for you.

Not sure what you want? Take a few minutes to scroll through my gallery below and check out my work. Some of these pieces have been sold, and some are still available in my online store. If you see something you like and it isn't available, or you've got an idea for something specific you'd like, let's talk. I love working with clay, and I'll happily take any excuse to make something beautiful for someone else.

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